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About Styrofoam Boxes

Best Insulation

Styrofoam has the best insulation to weight ratio. It helps save CO2 emissions because it is lighter compared to other alternatives. Since it is made out of 98% air, styrofoam is a unique, resource-efficient packaging material with a small carbon footprint.

100% Recyclable

A product that is 98% air can quickly fill garbage cans, dumpsters and valuable landfill space, but — where facilities exist — modern technology makes it possible to recycle styro efficiently and safely with no harmful emissions.

Better for the enviroment

Styrofoam represents less than 1% of the Solid Waste Stream by weight! Styrofoam creates up to five times less solid waste than paperboard. Styrofoam also consumes half as much energy as wax-coated paperboard and uses up to four times less water than compostable Polylactic Acid (PLA) clamshells.

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